TMK Premium Connection

Application Guide

Outstanding tension, compression, bending and torsional strength ensure that the TMK Premium connections perform in the most challenging of deviated wells. Both the Integral and Threaded and Coupled connections are designed for the most challenging of well designs.


Tension and Compression

TMK Premium’s patented thread forms are designed to take the heavy loading applied to both deep vertical wells and horizontal extended reach wells. TMK Premium’s Integral Joint Connections exhibit tension and compression strengths ranging from 70% to 90% of the pipe body strength. The Threaded and Coupled connections exhibit 100% pipe body strength. TMK Premium’s connections are subjected to the rigorous ISO 13679 test program to ensure the strength of the connection. Differing well designs and conditions determine the criteria needed to ensure high performance in the well.


In highly deviated horizontal wells, bending of the well string becomes critical to ensure successful completion. The ability of the TMK Premium patented thread designs to withstand the stresses, combined with the use of metal-metal seals, guarantees gas tightness and performance strength.

Torsional Strength

Rotation of the well string in deviated wells with long laterals has increased the need for connections with exceptionally high resistance to torsional overload. The TMK PF-ET and the ULTRA SF are two examples where high torsion strength, high tension and compression strength and the ability to withstand high bend radii, results in a full package solution to complex well designs.

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